Anton Stoeckl (Krav Maga - Salzburg) ; Aron Berg (Cyber Security - New Delhi) ; Danny Yator (Business Intelligence - Tel Aviv) ; Filipe Peres (Global Lobbying - Barcelona) ; George T. (Business Analysis - London) ; H.M. (Security Consultancy - Denver) ; Ivanovitch Vasilita (Business Intelligence - Moscow) ; Joseph Kellog (Global Lobbying - Washington DC) ; Lemos Santos (Personal Security - São Paulo) ; Lis House (Graphic Design - Virginia) ; Nina Vélez-Troya (International Conciergerie - Monte Carlo) ; Pietro Bianchi (Business Development - Vitoria) ; Raul Jesus (Business Intelligence - Madrid) ; Ricardo Correia (Crisis Management - Pretoria) ; Roberto Carlos (Cyber Security - Abu Dhabi) ; Scott Schlimmer (Cyber Intelligence - Florida)


António Gonçalves, from São Paulo, Brazil, and Virgília Pires from Barcelona, Spain, are no longer associated with Cohen & Yosef Intelligence Associates Ltd, known as Cohen Pereira International. They do not collaborate in any way authorized by this company.
Any use by them of our image or our name will be abusive and unauthorized, and therefore will be the object of corresponding punitive action. (March 18, 2017)